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About Us

Paths to Change was founded in 1995 to support clients in developing optimally effective organizations, and in catalyzing strategic changes in organizations, communities and large systems.

Founder Lawrence Ellis has led a distinguished career as an organizational consultant, including as a director with one of the world’s oldest firms dedicated to managing organizational and community change – and as a global citizen dedicated to social and environmental responsibility. He sought to create a firm serving clients, communities and other large systems dedicated to the “triple bottom line”: Profits, People and the Planet – or at the very least dedicated to being optimally effective, while simultaneously not contributing to social and environmental harm.

Each Paths to Change Associate is a highly-regarded thought-leader and change-agent with expertise in key aspects of creating highly effective individuals, groups, teams, organizations, communities, and change movements. In particular, we provide state-of-the-art consulting, facilitation, executive coaching, training and related products & services.

We are renowned for:

Our clients include academic institutions, community-based organizations and non-profits, corporations, governmental agencies, healthcare system providers and philanthropic foundations.



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